Update: 1.9

Whats New:


-A cooling delay

-holding items with both hands

-Sweep Attack with swords

-Axes deal a crushing blow

-New Mob; Shulker

-Expanded The End

-Added Chorus Plants

-New Purpur Block

-New End Rod 

-The end Dragon's head

-The EnderDragon May be Re-Summoned

-Added Beetroup and soup out of it

-Added Grass Path Block

-Add Iglos

-Added armor protection has been lowerd

-Added Tipped Arrows

-Added spectral Arrows
-Added Frost Ice Block and Frost Walker enchanment

-New Sound Effects

-Added Sound Effects Subtitles

-Brewing stand now needs to be activaiated with blaze powder

-Added Skeleton Riders

-Believed that MC-10 fixed 

-Removed HeroBrine


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