Minecraft storymode is a storymode for minecraft go to the webpage to Offical Minecraft Website in the homepage. Minecraft storymode is a hit, per episode is 5$ and the full season for minecraft storymode is about 25$. 




Jeese: Jesse is the main character and is the leader of the group he/she is in. He/she is a good person. Jeese can be a girl or a boy 


Axel: Axel is big and chubby to be honest. He can act like a jerk though, unless you change into your evilness with Jesse. 


Lucas: Lucas is with the ocelot team. He does not go against Jesse and HIS group unless Jesse and his group are against Petra.


 Ruben: Ruben is Jesse's bestfriend and follows him everywhere, however he does die threw out. 

The pig

Gaberiel The Warrior: Gabriel the warrior is in a group, he ethier is the one you save or the one your with threw out the story.