What MineCraft Is

MineCraft was created/developed in 2011 October 7th. The game is about creativity and being a survivalist. You can build, play online with friends, make your own skin and also download your skin. About 1.0 million people play this game. Microsoft bought Minecraft for about $2.5 billion, May 1st 2015.

 These are Video's from Famous youtubers, about MineCraft!


MineCraft | BEST HORROR MAP EVER!! | Grief Custom Map - YouTube

Recommended by: TheDiamondMineCart/ DanTDM


HeroBrine- Don't be scared to read the information: NOT SCARY WARNING: NOT SCARY

HeroBrine is a Demon from Hell or it's what they call it NetherLand. Herobrine does kill people. He shows in Minecraft videos too, but people would think Herobrine is fake. WELL HE IS NOT! There's alot of things people can call him, Killer, Hero, Demon, and etc.



The Reason i called this artical Notch The Angel is because Notch is the opposite of Herobrine The Demon. Notch is the maker of Minecraft, He works for Microsoft right now because Microsoft owns the game because they bought it for about $2.5 milion. Notch can sometimes be stupid because of the YouTube videos people post but he's actually smart, he does not grief, troll or anything like that. Notch is against Herobrine because of the things he does, but he doesent stop him. Notch was born on June 1st 1979, right now he is 36. Some of notches jokes are like: I'm obviously going to "turn it up a NOTCH". 


This is just a quick summary :)! 


Minecraft Servers!


Minecraft servers are like multiplier well...it is, you get to play with other people, i even have friends on minecraft multiplier too!

Item's is what you hold on your hands or what you carry inside you're inventory, to press on your inventory you press E or any key. You can have armor on also on your inventory, Armor can mostly almost give you a little damage when something attacks you or like you drop down.

Minecraft storymode is a storymode for minecraft go to the webpage to Offical Minecraft Website in the homepage. Minecraft storymode is a hit, per episode is 5$ and the full season for minecraft storymode is about 25$. 


Update: 1.9

Whats New:


-A cooling delay

-holding items with both hands

-Sweep Attack with swords

-Axes deal a crushing blow

-New Mob; Shulker

-Expanded The End

-Added Chorus Plants

-New Purpur Block

-New End Rod 

-The end Dragon's head

-The EnderDragon May be Re-Summoned

-Added Beetroup and soup out of it

-Added Grass Path Block

-Add Iglos

-Added armor protection has been lowerd

-Added Tipped Arrows

-Added spectral Arrows
-Added Frost Ice Block and Frost Walker enchanment

-New Sound Effects

-Added Sound Effects Subtitles

-Brewing stand now needs to be activaiated with blaze powder

-Added Skeleton Riders

-Believed that MC-10 fixed 

-Removed HeroBrine