Item's is what you hold on your hands or what you carry inside you're inventory, to press on your inventory you press E or any key. You can have armor on also on your inventory, Armor can mostly almost give you a little damage when something attacks you or like you drop down.


There is diffrent kinds of armor in MC (Aka: Minecraft) There is Gold, Diamond, Iron, and Leather. Those are about 4 diffrent kinds but there is 1 that cannot be made in Survivel and Creative. It is called," Chain Armor." The only reason it cannot be made because, there's nothing to make it with. Yes you can enchant it with anything. Armor can also be placed on horses. You can also paint the leather to any dye color. 

minecraft inventory



minecraft armor

How to dye your Leather Armor: Xbox 360: On Xbox360 you have your Leather armor anywhere in your inventory or in your slots. If you have Creative on you only need 1 dye not like 4 for each one. Your on your inventory and you carry the dye then you put it on the armor and press the X button on your controller. You cannot only dye your Leather Amor with just one certain dye but you can color the Armor with diffrent colors. For an example you can color the foot red, leggings yellow, and chestplate black. Minecraft on Computer: To dye your Armor you have to craft it so you only have to put one of the armor parts with the crafting table and put the dye with it. Really simple.