Global climate change is happening. Whether you believe it is caused by mankind or it is just a natural occurance, it is fact that it is happening. The old normals are gone. The question is what are we going to do about it?


The solution has to have economic, political, social, and scientific components. In the USA, people hear about climate change and are experiencing it ... yet they go out and buy SUV's and trucks instead of efficient sedans, electric or hybrid vehicles. In the eastern USA, coal power plants are still running because people who have jobs in coal mines don't want to loose their jobs and polititians care more about their jobs than the fact global warming might destroy civilization. At the least it will make life for our children worse. 

How do we address the destruction in other countries that affects us all?

So who has suggestions for effective solutions?

IF it was expressed in this article what the cause of Global Cimate Change was, that would be considered a theory, opinion, or fact if the evidence was overwhelming and documented. 

According to this resource:, It is FACT that global climate change is caused in whole or in part by humans.