In the news, when people meet and talk, online ... people are throwing names at each other, hate is growing or coming into the open and it does not help things get better. If someone calls you a name like bigot, hater, a-hole, and on and on ... does it make you more open to listen and think or do you start building a castle and defending it?

The questions that should be going around before we open our mouths, is why the hell do people think the way they think? As it has been pointed out, we aren't born hating, we are born loving. So let's review some kinds of people and try to understand why they think and act the way to do ... and the best way to come to deal everyone is okay with ...

In the United States of America there are people not doing so well and don't see an improving future. And this really isn't because they are lazy or bad. This builds frustration, they get pissed and have no where to direct their anger. They are pissed off. Things used to be better. They used to have a future. Not so much anymore. So where or who should they be angry with? Maybe they see someone who has  a different colored skin, or different hair color, or people with different type of face and since they are different let's get angry with them. Maybe a person dresses differently or is part of a different group ... blame them. This is what we do.

The question is, who really is to blame and how can we change things?

Well, let's see if we can think this through ... people want to work and earn enough that they can provide for their families and have a future. This isn't true for everyone, but it is a pretty basic feeling to want to protect and provide for your own family/friends/group. Agreed?

What happened to the jobs? Is globalization at fault? Is it the person who is different from us stealing our jobs? Hmm ...

So for me, it is a question of who has the money? Who has the control? It shouldn't be a shock that it isn't the people who are different from you, or the people in other countries who are "stealing" our jobs. Those people didn't make the decisions about where money goes. Who makes the decisions about the flow of money. Well, in the United States of America there are those who are super rich, they have control of most of the money. And then you have corporations and business that control the money.

And then there is YOU if you have stocks or the ability to vote who control the money too.

Think about it, throughout history it has been the few rich that have controlled until people get too fed up and revolt. That's how the United States of America came into being sorta.

Anyway, instead of looking at differences in people as a way to be angry.