Okay, so cats have various breeds. Dogs have many breeds. Horses, mice, etc. People have races? Get real! Stand back and realize that humans are animals (not minerals or vegtables). And just looking at us you should realize we aren't races (unless at the track), but breeds. There are the light-skineed breed with many sub-breeds, there are the brown skinned breeds, and the dark-skinned breeds. There are breeds of humans that have red hair and fair skin. There are blue-eyed breeds, there are breeds with different shaped eyes, like almonds (I need to eat some nuts!). 

The point being, get real and stop talking about "races." Just like with dogs and cats and other animals including hu-mans ... We were breed either by nature or by ????, but no matter we all have purpose. Don't have fear or anger because someone is different. Wonder what they were designed for and make friends.

Please note, cultures and how people act can be reasons for wariness about their actions ... but most are people (like dogs and cats) that you can get along with ... think about it.

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