In the Judeo/Christian beliefs there is one God who is all powerful and exists everywhere. A God where it is said we are made in his image. Hmm, have you looked around? Everybody looks different physically except for identical twins! So how can we be in God's image?

Well ... Let's do some thinking. If we don't all look alike then maybe that statement refers to another aspect of who we are. When we are alive, we also have aura's and we are bio-electrical and there maybe other forms of energy that comprise us ... including a form of energy that might be considered our Life Force.


So what if God is an intelligent energy and our Life Force is in God's image? Or actually a very tiny part of God's energy?

Energy doesn't die

Energy runs the universe


If God was a form of energy and our energy was from God or in God's image ... that could explain a lot.

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